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About L G Jenkins

Dystopian reader and author

Hey there, it's me - Lydia or L.G. Jenkins. 


I'm blogging about dystopian stories and writing my own to remind you what really matters.


Which dystopian world will we visit next?

L G Jenkins - dystopian fiction reader and author

Dystopian author

I write dystopian stories to remind readers what really matters. Diving into my dystopian worlds brings me so much joy, but I also love to focus on how those stories will positively impact those who read them!


From once studying literature at university to listening to audiobooks as I clean, I'm never not reading something. I vary across genres but of course, dystopias have a special place in my heart.

Reading with Coffee

Coffee drinker

It's quite embarrassing how I schedule my mornings around my coffee. But add a latte or an americano to a reading session, as well as my husband to keep me company, and I've got myself a good time.

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