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Sun of Endless Days - Signed Copies
(The Merit-Hunters Series, Book 1)

by L.G. Jenkins

Sun of Endless Days (1).png


Divergent meets 1984 in this YA dystopian fantasy series, set in a world you won't want to leave.

'A real page turner' 
Karen Langtree, Author of The Breaking Trilogy
'An immersive tale of an oppressive regime and the fight to find value' E.M. Carter, Author of The Newland Trilogy

Welcome to Tulo City - are you Worthy?

This fast-paced story set in the fantasy city of Tulo introduces Ajay and Genni as they work each endless day to answer the ultimate question: are you Worthy?

A novel that explores self-worth in a city that strives for never-ending progress. Progress is strength and Tulo's citizens take drugs to skip sleep and work to earn merit points so they can reach the 'Glorified Quarters'.

However, if like Genni, you struggle to keep up with the ongoing battle to be the best and do the most, you risk becoming 'Unworthy'.

Sun of Endless Days is full of unexpected twists and turns, as Ajay and Genni find themselves playing a game where the rules aren't always shared and many of the players haven't yet been revealed - when they are, the couple find their worlds turned upside down.

Can love survive in a place where being 'Worthy' is everything?

L.G. Jenkins creates an immersive dystopian world that you'll experience through the eyes of characters who feel like friends.


This first book in the Merit-Hunters Series perfectly sets the scene for an exciting fast-paced story and a world you won't want to leave behind.

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