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Cover reveal: A new dystopian tale where Divergent meets 1984

Well folks, you know it's been a long road for me this year but I am finally ready to reveal the new cover and title of my re-edition of Crowned Worthy.

Introducing Sun of Endless Days...

Sun of Endless Days Cover

The idea behind the title for the dystopian novel: Sun of Endless Days

So, why Sun of Endless Days? It took me a while to decide and lots of debates with Dad and my youngest brother sitting in hospital waiting rooms when my Mum was poorly. It was a good distraction for all of us, I think. We went back and forth on various options, but eventually, I realised I needed something that would lend itself to the series as a whole. Once you hear the remaining three titles for the Merit-Hunters Series, you'll understand what I mean.

But, the word endless was key. In Tulo, the days are literally endless. Citizens take SkipSleep to keep working to add more points to their merit scores that booster their lifestyles and status. Their Watches and the billboards across the City almost become like artificial suns, keeping them all awake at night. I like the abstract feeling of the title, allowing readers to become intrigued and interested in what the book is about. So, in the end, it felt like the right choice.

There may be another question on your lips if you've been following my writing career. What was wrong with Crowned Worthy? Not a lot. But I just felt for a re-launch, we should go big and I wasn't totally convinced by that title for various reasons.

The dystopian feel behind the book cover reveal

I hope you like the cover of Sun of Endless Days as much as I do.

My aim was to tap into some of the dystopian trends, such as the city landscape and the use of a silhouette while pointing towards some of the sci-fi elements in my story. With the maroon colour and the 'flaking' effect, we have achieved a feeling that something is not quite as it seems. Perfect for a dystopia!

I've had so much fun working with the incredible Liz Carter on this. If you're an author and after a talented designer, you can contact Liz on her website.

That's all for now but keep your eyes peeled for more dystopian book recommendations and those all important updates as we get closer to release date!

Lydia x

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