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It's time to go again: relaunching my dystopian series

It’s now been close to three years since the first in the Merit-Hunters Series was published. The experience of publishing Crowned Worthy was so much fun and I loved how many of you jumped straight into the dystopian world of Tulo. This also means it’s been two years since the sequel, Stolen Crowns, hit the shelves.

The fact that this much time has passed blows my mind and as many of you know, those two years have been far from easy. That being said, many of you have been so patiently waiting for book three. You’ve had so many burning questions about what happens next in Ajay and Genni’s stories and stayed loyal all the way through. For this, I wanted to say thank you. But I have to then follow this with an apology. You’ll be waiting a bit longer.

But it’s for an exciting reason (I hope you’ll agree!)...

The Merit-Hunters Series will relaunch in May 2024

Yep, I’m doing it all over again!

Over the past two years, after attending many events and writing webinars, getting to know the industry and selling books out on the road, I have learnt so much and collected strong feedback about my series. It all confirmed one thing to me: I could do it so much better.

So folks, we really are starting again. Of course, the story and plot remains the same but in May 2024, Crowned Worthy will be re-edited, have a new title and a new cover.

Following this, in August, we’ll see the relaunch of Stolen Crowns. In November, all things being well, book three will finally be with you before the finale of book four comes early next year!

Not only that but the look and feel of my emails will change, and I’ve got a brand new website coming too. It’ll focus more on the dystopian fiction genre as a whole as well as highlighting more of my writing and publishing process.

I’m currently working away in the background to get everything ready for the relaunch and there'll be lots of exciting updates coming your way, including opportunities for being an Advanced Reader (more on that soon) plus discounts and exclusive content.

Once again, thank you for all your support and I can’t wait to journey through this madness with you.

Have happy days,

Lyds x

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