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Win a new dystopian fantasy novel: Sun of Endless Days Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Sun of Endless Days, a new dystopian fantasy novel, we're running a lil' giveaway! One lucky winner will get a signed, wrapped edition of the novel.

Follow the button below for your chance to win.

Sun of Endless Days dystopian novel

The dystopian characters

For those new to the world of Tulo, here's an introduction to the new main characters. (Images made with AI.)

Ajay Ambers

Ajay Ambers

Too clever for his own good, Ajay Ambers is a software engineer at Tulo's largest bank, Prosper. He's always wanted nothing more than to be Worthy - to gain as many merit points as possible to make it to M-500. Once he does that, he can live in the Glorified Quarters. However, Ajay is shady, harbouring secrets that might destroy him for good.

Genni Mansald

Genni Mansald

A closet artist, Genni Mansald is a girl who never feels enough. Having grown up in the Glorified Quarters, she's had expectations on her potential from the start. But as a lover of painting and artistic expression, a pastime that earns little merit, she struggles to keep up with others such as Ajay, her boyfriend. Genni will do anything to stop herself from becoming Unworthy - even if it could be deadly.

If that intrigues you, why not enter the giveaway or order the book here on my site or through Amazon?

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