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New ideas and a spin-off: Dystopian writing update

Updated: Apr 1

Lydia Jenkins dystopian author in pink
Posing with my bookshelves (lol)

With so much happening this month, from travelling with Stephen to various parts of the UK to starting a new job, there has been a bit of a lull in my dystopian writing. However, that doesn't mean there hasn't been progress towards the re-release of my dystopian series, The Merit-Hunters Series.

Progress for the Merit-Hunters Series: the dystopian series about work and self-worth!

Writing a dystopian spin-off

Aside from progress in my marketing plans, my new book titles and covers (eeek - the big reveal is coming soon!), I have also been writing a dystopian spin-off story.

It's a short story called 'Rooftop Moon' and is set in the City of Tulo - the dystopian world of Merit-Hunters. For those new here, Tulo is a futuristic city that functions on a meritocratic system where your merit score decides whether you are Worthy or Unworthy and that determines what sort of life you can lead. To introduce new readers to my dystopian writing, I thought I'd write this short spin-off based on a character called Kole who is a Street-Seller looking for a better life.

That's just a teaser. Watch this space. It will be available soon and you aren't already, sign up to the dystopian digest to be the first to know.

New dystopian writing ideas

It's certainly safe to say that I am never short of ideas for my dystopian writing. Sometimes, it's so overwhelming that I just want to write them all, now, quickly! It reminds me of my history teacher back at school. He used to say I was like a machine gun in my essays. Instead of exploring one idea well, I would fire every idea I ever had into one paragraph.

Well, I'd like to say that I've developed my craft since then but that hasn't stopped the ideas from coming. Because my husband and I are Christians, we often talk about philosophical ideas and those lend themselves well to the dystopian genre. How can certain problems in our societies and within the human psyche be well-presented? Probably through a dystopian world. The idea of good and evil is prevalent in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games prequel, for example.

So there's more ideas coming beyond The Merit-Hunters Series, but I'll take my history teacher's advice. 'One idea at a time', Lydia.

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